Sushi Reward for 2 Introverts

Carissa and I are friends. She might not want to often admit it, but it’s true. We talk often. Sometimes over text, sometimes over Facebook messenger, every once in a while over the phone (and she doesn’t tell me I’m on speaker so the whole car can hear) and very rarely, in person.

A couple weeks ago, we tucked our introverted ways deep down. We buried them for the evening, for the sake of a networking event. We put on our extrovert cloaks and walked around the room, met many people, shook hands and kissed babies. And after a couple hours of that nonsense, we were EXHAUSTED and deserved a special treat.


Our reward? A sushi date. We ventured out to Sushi Ai for dinner, and in true introvert style, we ate our sushi in silence, not making eye contact and awkwardly shoving seaweed and raw fish into our mouths.


Okay, that’s a bit of a stretch. We absolutely did no such thing, we actually made fools of ourselves in the middle of the restaurant to the point I was pretty sure they wanted to ask us to leave. But it was wonderful, and we earned every moment of our sushi reward.

See, look! Carissa is having a conversation, we really do like each other. 



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