Hasta Luego Enchilada Cups

Life has been really insane as of late. I am not really known for my cooking skills or meal planning. But I do know when my youngest is asking me what is for dinner and could I please sit down something has probably gotten a little topsy turvy. I’m putting forth my best efforts, ok I’m putting forth some effort this week on meals for myself and my family. Life still marches on and we have a full evening of music lessons, meetings, and work schedules so I came up with Hasta Luego Enchilada Cups.

Muffin Tin Meals come in handy for us to eat healthy but on the go. We can put canned biscuits, muffins, or tortillas in muffin tins and then load them up from anything like eggs to beans. Tonight in honor of what some call Taco Tuesday this is what I came up with.

First I placed the tortilla boats in the muffin tin. Super easy to squeeze in and they are the right shape. I popped in the oven for a few at 400 degrees to toast up and take their round shape. In the meantime I chopped up onions and red bell pepper, about 1/2 cup each and sautéed in real butter. I chopped them up pretty fine so they cook up evenly and quickly. Remember we are on the run tonight. Chopping onions is also a fine way to keep the family at bay for introverts. Let those onion tears cry and the room will clear.

Once the onion and red bell pepper are starting to cook through I added half a can of red enchilada sauce. I accidentally bought the “hot” version which my family and I cannot handle. I tried to temper it with the lime juice. I let that cook through until all the flavors are really jivving together. I added a little bit of Himalayan sea salt, pepper, cumin, some fresh cilantro from my indoor window box and a full can of organic black beans. This is another introvert trick. Some might call you artsy for being an introvert. But if not, you can always be fartsy to widen the people boundaries. At this point the mixture can be a little soupy so either let it cook down some or go ahead a drain the mixture if you are in a super big hurry. Believe me you do NOT want enchilada black bean sauce spilling in the car.

I pulled out the enchilada bowls and put about a tablespoon of cheese in the bottom of the cups. I ladled in the bean mixture and then topped it each cup again with shredded cheese. I popped it in the oven again just until the cheese was melted. Serve it up with a few slices of fresh avocado and sliced strawberries and you are ready to shove the family out the door with a decent meal to run for the border without ever having to endure quality family conversation.


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