Chillin’ (Alone) Chai Tea Latte

I love me a good Chai Tea Latte. I’m usually a coffee drinker, but this is the perfect drink for cold nights, or any night that I’m looking to relax before bed and don’t want a huge jolt of caffeine.

Tonight, that’s exactly what I wanted. I wanted to get in bed to watch some Netflix wearing my cozy pajamas, eating a dozen Christmas cookies and enjoying a nice, spicy Chai Tea Latte.

There are several ways you can make this. There’s the long, elaborate way of heating it over the stove with lots of spices. I was feeling much too lazy to go that route. If I feel like it, I might share that recipe in the future, but don’t hold me to it. So here is my microwave version to get you by.


What you’ll need:

  • Chai Tea (I love this decaf Sweet Coconut Thai Chai, it has a nice flavor and already slightly sweetened)
  • Water
  • A little honey if you want more sweetness
  • Vanilla bean paste if you want to feel fancy and can find it cheap at Marshall’s like me
  • Coffee creamer (or milk, I like using the creamer because it’s already sweetened, then I can use less honey)
  • A mug that hints at your hatred for people
The water and honey with vanilla bean paste. Looks not as pretty as I was hoping…

First, pour your water into a microwave safe mug with a little honey and vanilla bean paste. Go ahead and microwave this until it comes to a simmer, or least gets really freakin’ hot. Take it out of the microwave, add some creamer (or milk) and then microwave for another 30 seconds. Once you take it out of the microwave, give it a good stir and you’ll see the pretty vanilla bean caviar swimming through your drink and you’ll feel like a Food Network star.


Add your tea bag and let brew for as long as your heart desires. I like my tea pretty strong, so I leave my tea bag in. And that’s it, you’re done. This almost doesn’t deserve a “recipe” it’s so easy, but I thought some of my lazy, Netflix loving friends might enjoy.


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