Hoosier Salads

I mentioned in a previous blog that I typically have one day a week where I’m feeling ambitious and prep some meals for the week.

Today was that day.


I came home from work and immediately put on my slippers. This is an important first step. If you’re about to be responsible and prep food for the week, you deserve to do it in comfort.

I decided to make Mason Jar Salads, or what I like to call, Hoosier Salads. I like to bring these to work for lunches so I don’t have to leave the comfort of my office to venture out for food. Saves me money, time and socialization. Win-Win-Win.


Here’s what you will need:

  • Meat of choice (or leave this out completely and go vegetarian a la Carissa)
  • Carrots
  • Cucumber
  • Tomatoes
  • Cheese
  • Dressing of choice
  • Pumpkin seeds
  • Raisins
  • Seasoning for your meat of choice
  • Lettuce
  • Tall Mason Jar


I had a bunch of chicken, so I decided I would cook the chicken with some KC Steak Seasoning and Olive Oil and shred it up. I’ve made this many different ways by messing around with the seasoning. Want a Mexican flare? Use a packet of taco seasoning. Asian? Use a Teriyaki sauce glaze. BBQ seasoning? Hell yeah. It’s up to you. Note: I really hate taking pictures of raw meat. I know it looks less than appetizing. I am sorry.


I was feeling lazy, sometimes I’ll pull out my grill pan and grill it on the stove, but tonight that sounded like too much effort. I just put the chicken in a 375 degree oven for 25 minutes and it was perfect. Note: This looks much tastier than the previous picture, amiright?

While the chicken is cooking, go ahead and chop up your veggies. I didn’t take a picture of this because… it seemed pretty self explanatory. Feel free to use whatever veggies you like and have on hand.

Time for assembly.


Pour your dressing of choice in the bottom of the Mason Jar. Eyeball this, however much dressing floats your boat.

Next, you’ll want to add the denser, sturdier items, such as meat and veggies, that won’t get mushy in the dressing. Adding the chicken first is my favorite thing to do, it soaks up the flavor from the dressing and stays moist.


From there, add the rest of your toppings. I like salted pumpkin seeds for crunch and raisins for sweetness. Pack the lettuce on top, and when I say pack, I mean I have 3 or 4 big handfuls of lettuce shoved in there. It won’t seem like it’ll fit, but it will. It’s magical.

There you have it. Salads for the week that are easily transportable and delicious. The lazy girls dream. When it’s time to dine, shake up the jar and pour into a bowl or onto a plate. You’ll know where to find me at lunch time this week: sitting at my desk, shoveling in spinach and possibly sneaking a few handfuls of M&M’s. After all, this is a healthy meal. I deserve the special treat.



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