Dinner When You Can Barely Function

It was one of those days. One of those extremely long days which started with me, the geographically challenged, driving 24 miles in the wrong direction during morning rush hour traffic. Yeah, it happened.


I’m leaving town tomorrow and have no desire to do laundry and make dinner. Besides, for one of three plus children, I made a brown bag lunch of a veggie sandwich, blue corn chips, chocolate raisins and I peeled an orange of all things. That has to count for something. Therefore, I consumed a jar of Nutella and a whiskey aperitif for dinner. And I’m feeling pretty good about my decision.



Like Carissa, I had a hell of a day. A day full of meetings, phone calls, emails and non-stop action. It’s days like this where functioning becomes a difficult task I decided around noon that I was going to come home after work, shower, get in my sweatpants, consume a whole pizza and go to bed. The idea of chopping a veggie, turning on the stove or washing a dish nearly brought me to tears. My dream introvert/lazy evening didn’t exactly go down as planned, but I did end up ordering 2 Domino’s Pizzas (and they’re 50% off right now, so go get you some and you’re welcome.)


See, it’s not always nice, cooked meals and original recipes. We’re real people. We come home from work and eat spoonfuls of peanut butter and an entire bag of Flaming Hot Cheetos. And those are the BEST days. And we fully intend to share that with you. From the internet, a safe distance away.

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