Non People Nachos

It really should not be problematic that today I was surrounded by really nice people. It’s just that I was surrounded by really nice people all day. Our office is open so no place to hide. Our facility is open so no appropriate place to hide when you work in health and human services. A potential donor, aka a complete stranger hugged me today…multiple times.

By the time I got home I just wanted to hide out in my closet all night. But alas, I need to pretend to be a decent mom every once in a while so I decided to make a quick dinner before retreating to my bedroom for the evening. I decided on nachos to appease the mass of boys at my house on any given evening.

Try to not look too long at vegetarian refried beans less they make you think of really, really old dog poo.

Our family is vegetarian so I grabbed some meatless crumbles and vegetarian refried beans. Vegetarian refried beans can look even less appetizing than regular carnivore refried beans but they are tasty and full of delightful protein. Shortly after warming the “meat” and beans I realized I didn’t have any taco seasoning but I did have guacamole seasoning. It added a surprisingly groovy  lime flavor to the beans.

I also realized I didn’t really have any cheese for these nachos with the exception of one lonely slice of cheddar. So I tore it up into little pieces and nuked it to melt. I found a small tin of black olives in the cabinet and one sad little tomato to add at least some sort of color to my disappointing attempt at positive parenting. What can I say. I am a planner.

As a result, I am currently sitting in my closet eating my Non People Nachos wishing I had absconded with headphones so I can’t hear my boys whining that there is nothing ever good to eat here.


Non People Nachos best served in isolation.


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