Food doesn’t have to bring people together

As somewhat closeted introverts Erica and I fully claim that our marvelous friendship is centered around the fact that we rarely see each other in person much less talk face to face. Texting was created for souls like ours. We simply find the human race exhausting.

This site was created for kindred souls like ours. Those who don’t want to impress anyone with fancy Pinteristic dinner parties. Those who would rather stick a fork in the eye rather than try to organize other human mammals around a meal. Simply, those introverted souls who just need to eat.

On this site you will find Erica’s tasty recipes and Carissa’s write up on those tasty recipes.  Erica is young, can cook, and doesn’t drink. Carissa is old, hates to cook, and masks her loneliness in frequent glasses of wine. We both enjoy escapes into Wonderland and Hogwarts. We both are gainfully employed in careers that require entirely too much human interaction. As you get to know us (not too well and from a safe distance) you will find lovely recipes for your inner introvert to enjoy alone, with a cozy blanket and your Netflix cue. We aim to provide directions for meals for you and all your friends, and by friends we mean cats.

Visit often when you need to feel human but not be with humans. And when you realize that pit of loneliness is actually your yumhole waiting to be fed.

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